Public Works > Group Sculpt! 2019

The images below represent a second Adobe Experiment made for the Hamilton Hall Public Art Initiative at the University of the Arts in 2019 representing the three animals most effected by climate change - the Polar Bear, Snow Leopard and the Giant Panda. They were modeled on site in adobe clay on steel armatures. I was the lead artist and organizer of the projects and Tim Potts was my assistant.

Participating artists 2019: Erica Batoha, Erin Bergmann, Kirill Bykanov, Mark Cruz, Rachel Curry, Joseph Defilippis, Cassandra Dobles, Jessica Dowicz, Mary Gilbert, Elissa Grybowski, Lexi Hagelgans, Rebecca Hatrak, Faith Higgins, Jules Hostetter, Olivia Lane, Anne Irving, Hyeona Lee, Seunggwan Lee, Hannah Plummer, Madison Mayhew, Conor McElroy, Akira Reinhardt, Armondo Rugerio, Tori Schwartz, Aidan Smart, Kyle Solomon, Zach Stith, Brittiany Streahle, Justin Wilkins, Taylor Yarmie, Juliette Zorn!