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Group Sculpt!
Group Sculpt!
Adobe clay on steel armatures

According to the World Wildlife Federation the top three animals most effected by climate change are:

POLAR BEAR - Ursus maritimus – a habitat specialist who relies almost entirely on the sea-ice environment – IUCN Red List Status – Vulnerable

SNOW LEOPARD - Panthera uncia – susceptible to indirect impacts of climate change, such as habitat encroachment by humans as a result of changing conditions in the region – IUCN Red List Status - Endangered

GIANT PANDA - Ailuropoda melanoleuca – feed almost exclusively on bamboo plants – IUCN Red List Status – Endangered

Group Sculpt! is a modeling collective bringing sculpture into the public realm. These sculptures are modeled in adobe clay on top of welded steel armatures, depicting the animals in actual scale. Group Sculpt! Collective is comprised of UARTS Faculty, Alumni and Students. Project Director Laura Frazure; Assistant to the Director Tim Potts; With special thanks to Erica Batoha, Aidan Smart, Juliette Zorn and Chris Hammes.