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Picnic, is the first work in a series addressing human/animal relations, in both the positive and problematic aspects. Works in progress include Jane and her Cow, referencing speculation that Jane Austin died of Bovine Tuberculosis, also known as “milkmaids disease”, as well as a sculpture of a tiger and Roy, of Siegfried and Roy, based on an incident during a performance in Las Vegas. Picnic is somewhat more poetic - about reverie, sensuality and shared but separate experience. As with earlier pieces the figures are modeled in Apoxie sculpt and the female figure is 24” high. Her pose is appropriated from fashion photography and the monkey is just about to bite into a mango. The modeling compound is self-hardening and durable. The material is applied in layered batches as the form is approximated, then filed, sanded and oiled to achieve a velvety smooth surface.

Modeling compound