The images below represent Adobe Experiments made for the Hamilton Hall Public Art Initiative at the University of the Arts and for the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill. Figures are modeled on site in adobe clay on steel armatures. I was the lead artist and organizer of the projects and Tim Potts was my assistant. Artists and alumni of the University of the Arts also guided the students with their modeling for the project at the University of the Arts: Eoin Burke, Jim Dessicino and Tom Miles.

The participants for Uarts:
Brianna Banscher, Gabriela Barbieri, Glysed Barboza, Erica Batoha, Charlie Belkowitz, Kihoon Choi, Alysha Doughty, Pap Souleye Fall, Destiny Flores, Shane Gardner, Maxine Gordon, Gu Gula, Kate Grompone, Quincy Kmetz, Seamus Lonergan, Mikayla Martinez, Christina Palomino, Bridget Pauro, Andrew “Vitche-Boul Ra” Purvis, Jen Rickert, Kat Schurek, Andrew Smith, Jill Snowden, Katie Supplee, Eddie Valasquez-Ramirez, Natalie Van Oyen, Abigail Warren, Ciara Wright, Taylor Yarmie, Juliette Zorn